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Noah's Ark - Birth after the waters went away...

In today's session we discovered that miraculously, the Human women must have been blessed with the birth rate of cats and dogs, having at least 6-10 babies at a time and of course, grocery stores with produce and formula must have been created, or the women sprouted extra nipples, as they did not have a way to keep milk cool back then, nor did they have the ability to store meat, wait... What meat? Noah, his Family and those on board would have had to be vegans, unless they packed a few other tasty animals on board for the purpose of consumption?

Not sure how they would have fed themselves or cooked the meat on board or immediately afterwards but, hey...

Back to nipple town; For the volume of humans to be alive on earth in such a short time (thanks China and your census records) around the world, after such a short time period after the Ark, and throughout the world, Noah's passengers and himself and wife, must have been baby making machines!!! And since the whole world needed populated, and there were only enough humans for some of the continents, if they went 1x1 (man and woman) together and started popping out litters of human babies. There would be no physical way for a human momma to feed 6-10 babies at a time with only two breasts (and since all the animals had to be humping like rabbits too; deer, big game and others have a long gestational period, including... elephants, cows, etc... all take a while for their babies to grow, and they don't have litters either, they need some time for those to develop, be born and then become old enough for the babies to have babies. Yet, Big cats (the ones that eat meat) they have litters at a time and what, did God turn them into vegans until the other animals had enough babies to have a sustainable population for when the carnivores were finally allowed to eat meat again? The human growth rate suggests humans would have to have probably a cat and dog like gestational period for this to even make sense. And whoa... the genetic makeup and physical appearance of all the people that came AFTER the ark, only from those that were on the Ark! Daaaaaaaaang, not only did God make human females have litters, but each couple must have been popping out babies of different races, and a lot of them.

Then again, it is so cool that these things were done, and that animals and humans grew in such an abundance after the whole earth was flooded and the soil destroyed after being covered in billions of gallons of water.

Those carnivores that produce litters of babies would have had to have years and years before they could have eaten meat, as anything sooner would have been the end of the herbivore animals that take so darn long to grow, develop and mature into a child bearing age (some take 1-4 years or longer. But hey, 2 of each is all that were allowed on board.

Side note... imagine being part of the crew that had to shovel crap off the ark for a year while 2,000,000 animals were crapping everywhere. Also, all the urine that would have been sloshing around on deck, and down into the ship, for the duration of not just the voyage, but also during the time period for drainage for the water level, so it dropped low enough for the people to get off the ark.

Shitty Cruise but Great Buffet

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