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DNA Studies by Doctor Simon Southerton edited by Corrie King Hoffmeier

I value truth and honesty. Sometimes I feel like I am living in an alter reality where my loving community still believes the earth is flat. Except . . . What many of these very good, kind, fun, and highly intelligent people believe is: Native Americans originated from Israel. According to DNA studies, 99.6 percent of Indigenous people’s DNA originated from Asia. The other .04 percent were from Spain and Africa.

We use DNA for: creating vaccines for CoVid, paternity tests, convicting or exonerating criminals, medical tests, treating cancer, and ancestry tracking . . . But we largely deny any and all evidence (or lack thereof) when it comes to the Lamanites in the Book of Mormon. We have to. Most Mormons I know still believe that the Lamanites—who are the supposed ancestors of Native Americans--came on a ship across the Atlantic Ocean from Israel, or the Middle East. This is the premise behind the whole Book of Mormon. Turns out multi-layered disciplines don’t support that premise.

Multi-layered disciplines and evidence support that: Native Americans’ genetic ancestry traces from the Americas across the Bering Strait (aka west Alaska) and then back to Mongolia and Siberia. What is this multi-disciplinary evidence tying together Native Americans to Mongolians and Siberians?

• Mitochondrial studies, haplogroup studies, sequencing of the human genome with millions of genetic markers
• Neanderthal DNA studies (ancestors of Indigenous people)
• - DNA analysis of Native Americans--which identifies many Indigenous Native Americans with Neanderthal DNA
• Strong physical resemblances between Siberians/Mongoloid people and Native Americans including: straight black hair, prominent cheekbones, sparse body hair, reddish to brown skin, relatively flat faces, darkly colored eyes, and the Mongoloid eye folds. (If Siberians and Native Americans were at a party and dressed similarly, you likely couldn’t tell who was who. Check pictures of beautiful Siberians on the link below. Hat-tip to Simon Southerton for pointing these similarities out.)
• Similar dental structure: shovel-shaped incisors
• Similar birthmarks: Mongloid sacral spot which is a bluish tinted birthmark on babies’ skin
• Similar gut bacteria
• Similar languages
• T-Cell virus carriers in both populations
• Significant archeological evidence
• DNA chopping evidence
• Tree ring dating evidence
• Carbon dating evidence
• Ice age freeze/thaw cycle studies
• Even the ancestral DNA of Native Americans’ dogs traces back across the Bering Strait. Yep, that’s right. Even the family pet.

So, I find myself circling back to: Do we Mormons believe in DNA, scientific, linguistics, and archeological evidence?. . . Or do we only believe in evidence if it supports our confirmation biases? Why do LDS people have to keep denying and climbing over literal mountains of evidence to have “faith” in the Book of Mormon? Why is there no DNA, scientific, linguistics, and archeological evidence of Lamanite peoples ever existing? Could it be possible that there was a brilliant, disarming, fun, good-looking, likable young man in the 1820s who was prodigy in: enchanting people and telling stories? Could it be possible this talented person created a story that reflects 1820s/30s ideology regarding Native Americans? Yeah. I think that. There’s just literally too much highly credible evidence for me to “feel” any other way.

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Note: Most of my discussion here is based off of reading Simon Southerton’s excellent book: “Losing a Lost Tribe” and his PDF document “The Sacred Curse”. Southerton was a Mormon Bishop and molecular biologist. He is an academic and is NOT sarcastic like me. I highly recommend his fascinating works to anyone interested in genetic studies of where various populations originated including but not limited to: Native Americans, Polynesians, Jews, Palestinians, etc.


See pictures and comments below for: Migration Map (Location 1060 “Losing a Lost Tribe”), a photo example of the Mongoloid Sacral spot birthmark which Native Americans and Siberians share, and a DNA analysis of a fellow #LazyLeaner who also happens to be Native American with Neanderthal DNA, and a link with portraits of beautiful Siberian people--Geez . . . they kind of DO look like Native Americans . . .

Losing a Lost Tribe”, book by Bishop and Molecular biologist Simon Southerton.

The Sacred Curse”, recent document by Simon Southerton.

Images beautiful Siberian peoples

Native American DNA Map Neanderthal DNABeautiful Young Girla photo example of the Mongoloid Sacral spot birthmark which Native Americans and Siberians share

Native American DNA | DNA vs Book of Mormon

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